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Chinese Astrology – One Situation, Two Outcomes


In life, when we are confronted with a bad situation, there are actually two outcomes.

The first outcome is obviously negative since it is a bad situation and we may feel distraught or emotionally affected by it. This is an outcome that is fixed by fate – being at the wrong time and at the wrong place. We cannot undo what has happened to us.

However, how the second outcome turns out depends on our thoughts, words and actions. It is not fixed. In fact, we can choose the outcome in our favour. This is destiny in the making and we have the power to make the best of the situation. And the power we have is over our emotion.

Depending on the situation, our emotions can manifest in various forms through our words and actions.

If it is anger over a misunderstanding, the temperamental type will lash out verbally at people whom they perceive has done them wrong. The words they use can be hurtful to the other party as they let their emotions overpower them. They lose their sense of control and as a result, they make the situation worse. Physical altercations can ensure. This is the second outcome and it comes swiftly.

If it is disappointment over something they failed to achieve, they may be conditioned by their lack of ability and perceive themselves as unworthy and undeserving. Such self-defeating thoughts will break their spirits and make them lose their confidence in whatever they do. If they let such thoughts to spiral out of control, they will be filled with pessimism and have a cynical view of the future. This is the second outcome and it is slow but insidious.

Whatever it is, we need to remain calm and be in control of our emotion. A bad situation can only get worse if we let out emotion gets the better of us. A calm state of mind and equanimity will help us to think and act better, thereby making the second outcome a positive one, whether immediately or later.

Be mindful of our thoughts, words and actions as they can create outcomes that can be detrimental to us in any negative situation. The second outcome can be worse than the first if we do not learn to control our emotion and cut our losses. Our emotion is controllable and we must subjugate it to our conscious mind by conscious effort. This is not easy to do as our emotions are deep-seated within our subconscious mind and waiting to pounce on us whenever it is triggered by any external stimuli. Our reactions stem from our emotion which pushes us to say or do things without any thoughts to the consequences. Our subconscious mind is much quicker to react to any given situation compared to our conscious mind. This is because of our emotion.

The only way we can think faster than our emotion is by knowing consciously that with every situation, there are two outcomes. The first is fate – things happen for a reason and the second is destiny – we can choose our response.

The Four Pillars of Destiny, a branch of Chinese Astrology, teaches us the difference between fate and destiny. By choosing our responses based on rational minds, we have the power to decide how the second outcome will turn out in any given situation. To create your own destiny, you should know your useful elements and the useful Gods based on your birth chart. Please visit us at bazidestiny.yolasite.com.


Source by Alvin Yap