Jennifer Aniston’s Astrology – Numerology Combination – Aquarius (2) The Reserved Aristocrat

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Jennifer Aniston’s Astrology – Numerology Combination – Aquarius (2) The Reserved Aristocrat


With the films ‘Marlie & Me’, ‘Management’, and ‘Traveling’, all scheduled for release in the next few months; this comic icon appears to be set for a very good year. Most of us assume this fine actress is much like her character, Rachel Green from the hit TV series ‘Friends’; but is that really the case. Read on and learn what her Astrology / Numerology combination has to say about this talented actress.

Astronumerology; Astrology Combined with Numerology

Astronumerology involves using your Astrology sun sign, and your Numerology Life Path number in combination to determine what kind of personality you have. Since there are twelve different Horoscope signs, and Nine different Life Path numbers, their combination gives us (108) different values with their equally different personality types. Determining your sun sign is a simple matter of consulting a table of Horoscopes, while calculating your Life Path number involves summing the digits in your full date of birth, and reducing that value with fadic addition. And since actress Jennifer Aniston was born on February 11th, 1969, this combination yields a sun sign of Aquarius and a Life Path value of (2).

Aquarius (2) – The Reserved Aristocrat

People who are born with this combination tend to have a split personality, they have brilliant minds when they choose to apply them, yet they are insecure and uncertain of their abilities and ideas. This dual nature of fiery ambition and ability hidden beneath layers of anxiety makes Aquarius twos shy likely to procrastinate making decisive decisions concerning themselves. Fortunately, life tends to force them to grow by bring about circumstances where they must act. Over the years, Aquarius twos will learn to overcome their self doubts and focus their abilities on the problems at hand.

These souls tend to have very good intuition about how to do a job right, without long study or instruction. When partnered with a friend of loved one who believes in them, these people tend to show the intuitive genius that is their birthright. Once they are confident in a particular field or endeavor, look out; Aquarius twos will be among the very best at it. Their one great weakness is self doubt, but given any success at all, they will quickly overcome it.


Jennifer Aniston’s Astrology / Life Path combination shows us that she is a brilliant comic actress who has perfected her craft, overcoming any doubts about her abilities in this field long ago. In other areas of her life such as her love life, she may still have doubts. But professionally, she is as right as rain.


Source by Keith Abbott