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Karmic Astrology and Your Natal Chart


In karmic terms, what do you have going for you this lifetime? Is this a time to clear difficult karma? Or a resting life, filled with easy blessings? What have your past lives been like? Are there lessons you have been repeating over and over for centuries? What is the source of your greatest joy?

Your natal chart contains a wealth of information that, if properly interpreted, helps you to heal or transform old karmas, increasing your wellbeing and allowing you to make the best use of your time on earth to accelerate your spiritual growth. Working with karma is pretty much the whole point of being in a body, and properly understanding your karma can point you to those you are most prepared to shed. How does this work?

Being born is never an accident. Between lives your soul reviews its most recent incarnation and all its previous lives in order to make decisions about the life to come. You choose all the major events in your life (including birth and death), the other key players, what issues and challenges you want to confront, and what tools you have in your bag of karmas that you want to bring with you. Unfortunately, for most of us, once we get in a body, we don’t remember the choices we made. However, because a soul chooses the moment of birth to astrologically reflect its decisions, clues to your plans for this incarnation can be found in the horoscope.

For example, if Libra is on the cusp of your tenth house, authority in all its forms is a major issue in your life. Healing manifests when you learn to wield authority with compassion. Then you will naturally command the recognition you crave. If your moon is in the sixth house, you have committed yourself to helping others. In order to feel emotionally secure, you need to feel you are of service. The rest of your chart can indicate what form that service is likely to take.

Karmic astrology charts the growth course of the soul. If you’re wondering who or what you were in the past, the chart gives insight into the kinds of experiences you’ve had; the kinds of lives you’ve led; possible karmic debts you’ve incurred and those that are owed you; and the habits, tendencies and patterns you’ve brought with you now. However, a karmic reading isn’t specific about who or what you were in past lives. For specific details, you might want to consider having a past-life regression.

When I had my first karmic reading in my early 20s, the astrologer pointed out a karmic pattern I had repeated several times already but had never recognized as a pattern. When she explained the issues involved, the underlying tensions, and the way the karma worked, it freed me to start learning new ways to resolve things. Now the karma no longer rules me. I manage those situations more joyfully and in a clearer, more conscious way.

This revelation and transformation of karma is the goal of karmic astrology.

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