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Sri lanka’s no.1 matrimonial and best astrology service in sri lanka. Vidasa Astrology is the Sri Lankan number one astrological service owned by the Vidasa Astrology Research Center . Sri Lankan astrology remedies are based on Buddhism pooja to reduce difficulties instead of poojas we are recommending piratical solutions for overcome difficulties .

Marriage compatibility software online astrology app free web site. You’re Bith Star or the Astrology Zodiac Sign call as lagna in sinhala also providing more details about your life according to the placement of the horoscope. Same Birth Star or the Astrology Zodiac Sign call as lagna in sinhala also providing different data according to the placement of the horoscope.

The Tenth House is commonly referred to as the House of Social Status. With respect to achievement, this House focuses on how we see ourselves and how the community as a whole sees us . Through this House, we work on manifesting ourselves.

Vidasa Astrology  is using new technology for calculation of Birth Chart to get accurate horoscope making Sri Lanka using your Birth Details get detailed Horoscope Reading Sinhala. Horoscope sri lanka, astrology lanka, astrology sri lanka, horoscope lanka, horoscope lanka.

More information can be collected in a shorter period of time in this regard without extra effort. Astrology also includes horoscopes which are an interpretation of how planetary movements and alignment affect an individual; these are usually devised by looking at this individual’s time of birth and the corresponding celestial arrangement.

Nakath porondam matching horoscope matching services. Match your horoscope online for free 100% free horoscope reading.

We are providing online horoscope reading service in Sinhala language. Join us for your astrological needs and trusted horoscope related services.

Horoscope reading is ancient astrological since to understand the future life of a person. It’s a wise way to determine the couple’s percentage of relationship before starting a new affair or their wedding life. It has been significantly contributed to the life and culture of mankind, and the understanding of the past, present and future information of them based on the natural positioning of other planets and stars in the universe.

By using this software that you can quickly decide the marriage compatibility of a couple in a way that is trusted by thousands of Sinhala and Tamil people. Astrologers study the movement of these planets, as well as their relative alignment to each other, to make predictions about people, their behaviour and other worldly events. While there is no scientific proof as to its legitimacy, many people strongly believe in astrology and live their lives according to it.

Burmese parents usually record carefully the exact moment a child is born and engage an astrologer or a Buddhist monk to create a horoscope for their child soon after birth. The parents would visit the astrologer and convey the date, place and the precise time of the birth of their child.

Now you can get the most outstanding astrological services from the well-known astrologer Mr. Binua Ranatunge, whose from the famous Traditional family of professional astrologers from uva region, Sri Lanka.

As we are in the astrology services for more than 12 years, we started this online through this website and App. Clickastro, one of the pioneering names in online astrology services in India, has launched its in-depth horoscope report in Sinhala.

This service is for you if you need to get an auspicious time calculated for a special event (i.e. Moving to a new house/ First letter reading / Coming of age ect..). The ACCIMT is housed with well equipped laboratory facilities to provide test, measurement and calibration services in specific areas related to electronics, electrical and telecommunication related subject domains.

MyAstro Astrology service develops astrological readings based on Birth Date, Birth Time and Birth Place of each and every customer. An automated Wake-up Call Service that will play a religious quote from your respective religion daily at a predefined time of your choice. No, even if a prepaid customer does not have enough balance at the time of balance deduction; the service will be in active stage for 7 days.

Our free online Horoscope Matching sinhala service service can easily get your 20 results of matches quickly.

This service also provides daily ‘rahu kalaya’ and ‘suba horawa’. MyAstro Astrology service provides you accurate and trusted predictions on your life, which are different to the traditional “Star Sign” based astrology readings that are currently widely available in Newspapers, TV, Radio etc. She has started the service by learning from both her father and mother.

Dial 94 0769813186 to explore a range of voice based services catering to your Infotainment & lifestyle needs. Lifestyle Services A variety of services including entertainment, learning and motivational.

His Online Astrology Services now extends to all the countries and people around the world who has the interest in astrological practices.