What Significance Jupiter Transit Holds According to Vedic Astrology?

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What Significance Jupiter Transit Holds According to Vedic Astrology?


Planetary transits: An important human event

Planetary transits are one of the most important events of the human civilizations and have an utmost importance in making changes in different aspects of life like personal, professional and financial. All the nine planets and 12 zodiacs have this direct consideration in the events and play a key role in the developments that come. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are the nine planets that play an extremely important role in inculcating the ups and downs in different sectors of life depending on their ruler zodiac. Out of these nine planets, Rahu and Ketu cannot be seen with naked eyes because they are located at the points in the sky where Sun, Moon, and Earth intersect. Apart from the facts that they are not physical planets, every other thing has the same importance according to the Vedic astrology. Every zodiac has their ruling planets or the planet that favors them for a better lifestyle and one can find it out with the help of Vedic astrology. The ruling planets of the zodiac are ought to be their savior and protector and influence their lives in the most positive ways. Planetary transit helps in finding a way out to new challenges and chance in life influencing you and your lifestyle to the core.

Planetary transits and Vedic astrology

Astrologers have studied the vital role these planets transits plays and the effect they leave on different zodiac on the basis of Vedic astrology. This knowledge is shared and consumed by the people who have a belief in Vedic astrology and the transitions it can bring in life. While making any prediction, the astrologers make sure that they have taken all the necessary consideration whether it is about the birth details or is the ruling planet of the zodiac along with the planetary transit and their effects. With the help of astrology, one can find a way out to their opportunities and challenges which are the reason of planets transiting into zodiac as natural and an important event for a healthy life cycle and growth. Thus planetary transits will always play the most important role in shaping up our life.

Jupiter transit: The Major transit of the year

Jupiter transit is one the major transits of the year and is expected to change the life of any person in different ways. This transit can never go unnoticed because of the benefic planet Jupiter that makes the transit. This year is the no different time when the planet is transiting from one sign to another leaving a great impact on its surrounding, its people and brings some significant changes for all the fronts of their life.

“Jupiter: The planet of intellect”

Jupiter is going to transit into Scorpio on 11th October this year and will continue its transit for a period of a year till 4th November 2019. The planet is transiting from zodiac Libra to Scorpio after a year and is expected to bring a lot of ups and downs to the natives and ruling planets. This transit is one of the most auspicious according to Vedic astrology and can turn your cards of success, growth, and prosperity in your life. Jupiter being the most promising and favorable planets of the solar system uses both the concept of astrology and astronomy to serve its purpose for the human life. This planet is also known as the Guru planet because of its vast size and benefic capabilities in the world of Vedic astrology. Jupiter is known for bringing wisdom, luck, intelligence and prosperity in abundance when the planet favors you and your zodiac. This planet can also help in making a person great with decision making and having a higher intellect. Jupiter also guides and rectifies your relationship with parents, teachers and the elders of the house to have a healthy and contending relationship with them. When this planet favors, an individual is likely to get support and aid from your family members and elders which can be extremely comforting. Whatever the difficulty be, Jupiter’s influence gets you along with the situations well and inspires to get away from it with efforts and determination.

Scorpio: The passionate and assertive moon sign

This year the planet Jupiter is transiting into the eighth sign of the zodiac group, Scorpio and is believed to strengthen its impact when the time passes. Jupiter will stay in Scorpio, the zodiac which is known for its passionate nature and assertiveness and will bring some major changes for the people around. Scorpio is very popular for being reluctant and a cool personality along with a rebellious nature. They are good at being leaders and work on perfectionism. When the most benefic planet will transit into this most challenging zodiac, the effect will be much to see. The ruling planet of this zodiac is Mars which is known to be a great support for the planet Jupiter and can help people to excel in favor with the personal, professional and financial growth. When Jupiter will transit into Scorpio, the changes can be expected to be in your favor because of dependency on the ruling planets. However one should stay ready for the challenges that the planetary positions and their transitions can bring because of this major transit of the year.

Jupiter transit 2018 is one of the biggest transits of the year and can change your life both in the most positive and negative ways. However to stay well prepared for the consequences on can take guidance with Vedic astrology based reports and get to know all about the effect and changes that will benefit you and your family.


Source by Shaly Criston