Astrological Challenges For a Premature Baby – Astrology Predictions 2010

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Astrological Challenges For a Premature Baby – Astrology Predictions 2010


It is intimidating to think of the corporeal problems that preemies have to face. Over and above having been born with undersized lungs along with other organs, they get a greater than normal risk for heart problems, cerebral palsy, mental retardation, blindness and hearing loss. In their natal charts the physical challenges get exposed astrologically. It has been shown in a current astrological study that a considerable percentage of preemies are born in complicated aspects to their natal Sun, which stands for physical health. The most prevalent troubling aspects come from Neptune and Saturn.

The study manifested that in comparison with the average person the chances for preemies were three times more to be born with Saturn square their Sun or with Sun conjunct Neptune. Weighing against the full-term births, it was found that preemies were twice as likely to be born with Neptune squire their Sun or with Saturn conjunct their Sun. The other astrological indicator for physical development is Mars, and this planet is characteristically challenged by Neptune or Saturn in the natal charts of preemies.

The charts of “famous” preemies are found to have the same kinds of aspects. Victor Hugo’s birth was premature and he was not likely to live; his coffin and his cradle were ordered at the same time from the carpenter. Hugo’s birth chart reveals Saturn making difficult aspects to his Mars and Sun. The birth of Mark Twain happened two months early, and his chart showed Mars badly affected by Neptune and Saturn.

When the premature birth of Sidney Poitier took place, with a weight of only three pounds, his depressed father went to search for a shoebox in order to bury the child. The birth chart of Poitier discloses his Sun squared by Saturn and opposed by Neptune. Winston Churchill, Isaac Newton, Thomas Hobbes and Albert Einstein are the other famous preemies whose birth took place with Sun-Neptune afflictions.

The hard aspects between Saturn and Mercury, another astrological challenge, are commonly found in the charts of preemies. Mercury indicates social skills, language efficiency and mental development. Preemies may survive the physical challenges, yet they have to cope with delays in development. A well-known example for this is Albert Einstein; he could not talk before the age of three. Although the mind of Einstein was exceptional, he also happened to be born with his Mercury conjunct Saturn which is considered to be the planet of delay.

When the preemies get older, many of them cannot catch up. Prematurely born children are likely to have more poor score in language development, short-term memory, writing skills, mobility, physical functioning, social skills and I.Q. Preemies in high percentage lack the ability of “executive brain function”, for example sequencing, planning and shyness of spontaneous behavior – all capabilities linked with Saturn, the planet of self-control. According to some researchers the explanation for preemies to rate high among criminals lies in this.


Source by Apoorve N Saxena