Full Moon in Taurus and a Wake Up Call For Relationships With Venus Entering Scorpio

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Full Moon in Taurus and a Wake Up Call For Relationships With Venus Entering Scorpio


Putting on the astrological glasses will help us to tune ourselves to the universal flow and instead of struggling and resisting against what life offers to us, we can be smart and adjust according to the cosmic requirements. The key to happiness and success is always the level of consciousness and awareness we are able to access. In NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming we say that the solution for a problem is never to be found on the level of the problem. It is found on the Meta level, the next level of awareness which gives us the higher perspective and a more unique and creative approach from there.

Full Moon in Taurus

Full Moon is always opposing the Sun and therefore getting full light exposure and a high level of consciousness with that. The waxing and waning of the Moon throughout the month, the Moon’s path around the Sun, is directly connected with our inner emotional tides and have to do with our gut reactions to people or events around us. Both signs of the Sun and the Moon are activated and need to be looked at for deeper insights.

The Sun in Scorpio is the most intensive month of the year with the challenging, passionate, extreme and transforming energy Scorpio represents. Decisions we have put off, areas of our life we tried to ignore will rear their ugly heads and confront us. But it seems that somehow we always rise to the occasion and deal with the emergencies and problems presented to us by life. It seems like life is the best and most patient spiritual teacher we have. If we don’t get the lesson the first time it doesn’t really matter, we will be presented with it again and again till we get it. There is nothing we can do wrong, no wrong choice or decision we can make, in the bigger picture it is all good. We are here to just experience ourselves in the endless creative circle of life with all these different ways to go and things to try out.

The Full Moon offers us a clear perspective into the emotional unfolding of what has begun with the New Moon. It is the high point, the pinnacle of that emotional theme and way we tend to approach life throughout the month. With the Full Moon in Taurus we are reminded of the joy we have within our body, through the body. Taurus is sensual and very physical. His approach to life is very practical and earthy. You are invited to celebrate the temple of your soul with a massage, a sweat lodge, a hot bath or Jacuzzi or love making with your significant one. It is a time to give thanks and feel gratitude for what that body of yours is giving you and enabling you to do.

For the spiritual beings we are, we need this physical container to participate in the experience of being human and what a joy that can be.

Sun Mercury Conjunction

The Scorpio Sun will be in conjunction with Mercury. It will intensify our willingness to take a deep look into what is the truth of the moment and confront our inner demons. Mercury is representing our mind and mental approach and filter to the world. Mercury in Scorpio is willing to confront uncomfortable areas or people we need to take a stand with. How could you use this to your advantage? Think about which area in your life would benefit from that deep inquiry into truth? Where could you use a little more courage and support to confront what needs to be looked at?

Venus in Scorpio

And then there is Venus, the goddess of love, harmony and beauty moving on into Scorpio as well. With that we will have 3 planets Sun, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio for a while. I would think that this particular combination will stir things up in our relationships. Whatever is not right and true will be exposed to the light of the Sun, the deeper look of Mercury and the high standards of Venus. It might not be very comfortable to allow that to happen, but resistance is futile…We will do better by consciously aligning ourselves with the theme and pay attention to our family and loved ones.

Remember what it was that attracted you to your partner in the beginning. What was it about him or her that excited you? Look back at the length of time of your life you have shared with that person and how he or she has contributed to your growth and becoming the person you are today. Take a day off together and go somewhere and do something special, something different then usual. Invite the unexpected and new into your life. Treat your relationship like a plant with a beautiful flower. It will need proper sun light (awareness), water (feelings) and nutrition (fun, intimacy, autonomy, inspiration, growth and good sex) just like a plant.

In the bigger picture this is just the beginning of more awareness in the relationship arena with Saturn who spends 2,5 years in Libra.

Neptune Turning Direct

Whenever a planet turns direct it will take a little time for the new energy flow to adjust to the new direction. A planet moving direct is more present and available with its energy. Neptune is a planet which is kind of diffuse, nebulous and hard to grasp consciously to begin with. A retrograde Neptune is not so easy to integrate. Neptune connects us with the collective sub consciousness, the undercurrent, the truth of oneness which is below our conscious day to day perspective and the fullest potential of dreams and possibilities. We can expect now to connect easier with our dreams and visions and take steps of action.

We can apply this to our relationships as well. We can sit down with our partner or a journal and tap into the deepest level of our longing and dreams we treasure in our heart. What is it you are really looking for in a relationship? What qualities are a “must have”? Is it important for you how somebody looks? Or what really is it you need, desire and cannot be without?

This is a lot of fun to do and share with your partner or a friend. Here is the gemstone to play with for this week. It is not an expensive stone and one of the more rare and unknown specimens.

Apatite is the Gemstone for the Week

Apatite is a beautiful stone occurring in a great variety of colors, including white, pink, yellow, green, blue, and violet. The more common colors are the yellow-greenish hues. The crystals are hexagonal and short; it may also be found in the form of a cat’s eye. Its origins include Burma, Brazil, and Sri Lanka. It is not a good stone to set into rings because it is brittle and has a hardness of 5 on the Mohs’ scale, which is relatively soft, making it not rugged enough for a ring.

Apatite has a pleasing shine and a very soft, warm, and soothing radiance.

Its soft light sets up a healing, nourishing energy flow between the solar plexus and the heart chakra. In strengthening our own creative expression in alignment with the heart, it helps us to create and express ourselves from our deepest truth. In this sense this is a stone for artists and people who want to activate the energy of the solar plexus chakra (the “power” chakra) to achieve their innermost dreams.

The blue Apatite connects the heart with the throat chakra. We learn to find and speak our own inner truth with courage. We trust the guidance of our higher self and take the first step towards our dreams and visions. We allow ourselves to be in the exhilarating creative flow of life and enjoy the ride.

The great variety of colors of Apatite reminds us of the importance of our inner as well as outer abundance.

As you can tell I am very passionate about the abilities of the healing gemstones as healing allies for our journey.


Source by Shakti Carola Navran