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Houses of Astrology – The Seventh House


The 7th house (where the Sun visits every year) draws your attention to the business of relating, to marriage and the need for that special someone in your life. When you look at a chart and there are planets in the 7th (at birth) they are ‘activated’ at least once a month (by the Moon) and once a year by the Sun, along with other visitors to the 7th at various time in the year and in your life. Your natal chart offers information about how you cooperate with others and they with you = relationships. Lawsuits are also shown here as well as one-to-one friendships (your best friend). What you think you lack in yourself you’ll attract in others and what you abhor in others is a reflection of what you ‘hate’ in yourself!

Being the house of Attraction you’ll ‘draw’ to yourself whatever and whomever you need in order to grow and develop. In understanding any planets within or aspects to the 7th you’ll come to understand what it is you NEED (which is different to what you want). Remember, this position won’t show any actual person but it will indicate the ‘type’ of individual being ‘drawn’ into your life or, the type of person you’re attracted to…

Grandparents are shown here as well as anyone who acts on your behalf (agents etc.). Being the house of Open Enemies (and who is our biggest enemy?) refer to this house when you feel you’re being ‘persecuted’ in any way… The 7th house is multi-faceted for it is the house of equality and if any relationship, marriage or union is not ‘equal’ then failure is sure to follow. The challenge of how two people can make any kind of relationship (marriage) work is perhaps the greatest challenge we all face, it is not to be taken lightly. Talking of marriage, not everyone enters the marital bed with ‘love in his or her eyes’. No way for there’s often a hidden agenda working beneath the surface. Fire signs indicate and impulsiveness in forming partnerships. Earth signs take their time. Air signs need communication. Water signs need relationships more than most thinking “being with someone is better than being alone… ” This information is offered as a guideline only for there are many, many dynamics at work when two people meet face-to-face (another keyword for this house).

Human being are perhaps the most vulnerable of all when it comes to relationships for many, many attract the same circumstances over and over again, never really learning anything, it’s always something that happens to them or the other person’s fault or, even blaming FATE…

The 7th house in reality is asking you to look at your 1st for they mirror each other.

Look to any planets in this house for they’ll tell you about what you need or what you can expect in any partnership/relationship/close friendship. Example the Sun in the 7th could mean looking for a father figure! The Moon could mean that you’re looking for a mother figure and so on. “I have Uranus located here – what does that say about what I need?” Drop me an email with your suggestions LOL. Sometimes the actual sign or the element of the sign on the cusp can give you a clue as to what you need in a partner or, what you need to express outwardly.

Being the house of ‘balance’ it’s often the case that we seek in ‘another’ that part of our ‘self’ that need to be made ‘whole’ (whether this is achieved easily is another matter) for remember this house is all about the identification of oneself through interacting with others on a personal level (remember this the next time you pick a ‘fight’ with another for you’re really ‘fighting’ with yourself!) Examine this house for it set’s in motion patterns. “If you always do what you’ve always done then you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” As I said the 7th house indicates patterns and if you won’t learn from the experiences offered by this house then you are ‘doomed’ to repeat them until you do.

Keeping in mind ‘patterns’ are set in motion if the same thing happens to you a third time and then they are difficult to break.


Source by Thomas Muldoon