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Love Astrology – Finding Your Compatible Pair


Many a couple met because of consultations on astrology. The art of reading and interpreting the movement of the stars and other celestial bodies have been the basis of many relationships. Since time immemorial, people have consulted the stars and the revolving planets on matters concerning their daily lives, not excluding romance, love, and compatibility. Love astrology has found its way in most cultures including the ancient Persians, the Egyptians, our oriental brothers the Chinese, and even the Europeans. Love astrology is consulted daily and a lot of lives are affected by it. Looking for the love of one’s life by matching compatibility through love astrology occurs almost hourly and a lot of individuals leave their fate to the stars when it comes to love.

Two people meeting together have mixed signs and birth charts and according to love astrology, these aspects will greatly affect the future of a relationship. Hence, consulting the horoscope and matching each others personalities, wants, and characteristics are imperative to a lot of astrology practitioners and believers. Looking for a harmonious relationship using the stars is a common act.

People, before meeting up with a prospective partner, never fail to consult the horoscope. And the exchange of zodiac signs and Chinese astrological signs are not uncommon. And these people after getting the other person’s signs quickly consult the zodiac charts for signs of compatibility or the reverse. Decisions of continuing an acquaintance is hinged on what the stars would tell, and this is not only about what the future holds. The past of a person also plays an important role in determining a partner. Zodiac signs especially the Chinese zodiac which employs animals as birth signs indicate the person’s inherent characteristics and from there, one can make decisions immediately. If the incompatibilities are huge, it would be best to discontinue the relationship than risk an unhappy life. For example, the fires signs of Leo and Sagittarius blend well with the fiery characteristics of Aries. Getting rid of their egoistic attitude may spell success for such a partnership. Libra and Aquarius can make entertaining mind plays with Gemini, and at the same time, Gemini can keep boredom at bay when coupled with the exciting characteristics of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Water signs like Pisces and Scorpio may feel more emotionally attached to Cancer. Being very detailed is what makes a Virgo and Capricorn tandem work. Virgo is not too sensitive in helping other signs like Capricorn and Taurus which actually makes for a successful partnership/ Many Virgo ends up with Pisces.


Source by Scott C Brown