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Psychic Astrology for Fall 2010


Guidance for All this Forceful Fall

The pictograph suggests dreaming is a valuable source of insight for people this Fall. Dreams can provide clues to where you’ll be happy, and what you’ll be happy doing. What makes your eyes light up? That’s what you’re supposed to daydream into being. Use your imagination to take you to real places this Fall, the sky’s the limit so charge ahead.

In Fall, people are both detail-oriented and forceful. It’s also a time when people are perfecting things, getting things done, and briskly, brusquely, releasing what no longer fits. Motivation is high, and creative types especially are willing to charge ahead with their lives. Critically important to success: to be orderly and organized. Be prudent in money matters.

“We are here to bring hope, through loving actions, forcefully expressed!” declare the spirits that enliven many this Fall. A powerful new brand of creativity and way of expressing freedom emerges now. People do powerful things but in new and humorous, or loving ways, like Jon Stewart’s upcoming “Rally for Sanity” in Washington D.C.

The spiritual message I received said there was a significant shift of balance this past August, and now people move towards a middle ground of stability, reason, and greater lucidity. (Personally, I do not see or sense any such shift in August, yet the message began, “Blessed be this August, when so much changed in the world”, and ended with, “We are growing stronger, more people joining the ranks of the sane of heart, no matter what their political platforms or parties.”

Expect new tactics from President Obama.

Many go through a hero’s journey of some kind this Fall. Reaching goals can take extraordinary effort, or be quite a stretch. You’ll be in the mood to cover a lot of ground if necessary, though.

Fall requirement: Have very little baggage, baggage as in: lies you’re caught in, devious dealings…oh, the havoc they can wreak! People are merciless in the pursuit of personal/political goals this Fall, and being at odds with somebody makes a person vulnerable. Sounds like we can expect some more outrageous exposes headlined in the news! (These messages were first posted in a “Fall Excerpts” article at the Examiner September 25th, a few days before California candidate Meg Whitman’s awfully expensive scandal broke.)

More personal guidance: Follow your hunches and take the scenic route through your day; it’s the fastest way to connect you up with what you need. For peace of mind with friends, because people can really get aggressive and reactionary this Fall, it’s best to only acknowledge what is good about a relationship, and don’t dwell on what bugs you.

For those who feel they are on a new path in life:
“Walking on new paths,
step by step,
confidence grows.
Who knows where it goes, what comes to you now?”

Psychic Insights for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth Signs

Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising; individual horoscopes below

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius(Fire signs): Progress! You’re pleased with how things are going! No matter which fire sign you are, you are excited about your own growth. You gain in strengths that are personally meaningful, significantly freeing yourself of long-standing issues and conditions, and very happy about it. You grow to be a more independent person.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn (Earth signs): Don’t debate new ideas, act on them. Move into new territory with the expectation of success. You get inspired this Fall. You could be inspired by falling in love, by falling in love with a mission, by helping others…it is a time of being uplifted, and lifting up, and beginning happier endeavors. There’s a sense of relief about this Fall, as if you’ve made it through something, or to the next opportunity that beckons.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius (Air): You feel elevated this season by what comes your way and what you can secure for yourself. Things happen that make you feel your goals can be met. Something is difficult at first, however, the bright side being that it shows you what is true for you. Digested and understood, difficulty creates helpful and foundational truths so things get sorted out, and much better. There are definitely opportunities for you this Fall. Look for opportunities in new locations to increase your income.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces (Water): You can be all set to accomplish certain things, and then circumstances create unexpected interruptions and distractions. As you need information to move forward, you will get it. Whatever happens now strengthens your spiritual connection, and you tend to become more grounded and organized. Towards the end of the season, you get more insights about how to protect and stabilize yourself: there are solutions around housing, money, and health.

Aries: Expect improvements in health, and something is in the works that brings money and expands your territory. Travel is beneficial. Projects get the green light.

Taurus: If you are at odds with someone in an official position, it works out. You get a clear picture of a future that makes you happy. Emotional security grows and life is good again.

Gemini: You are able to act on a personal truth or deep desire, and are likely to feel your life is beginning anew. You feel you know what you’re doing, and what you’re all about.

Cancer: Something new is in your midst, and it’s also mysterious. It could be love, or an opportunity, but it creates a new direction and you debate whether to go along. There’s no way of knowing without going!

Leo: Although you’ve got your foot in the door and gains have been made, something you’re happy about comes to fruition rather slowly. It’s hard to see the big picture of it now. The best use of your time is to develop a good attitude.

Virgo: It’s revelation time, with very big changes creating a window, an opening for new thoughts and possibilities. A great deal can change. You are not wedded to anything yet, as you review your changing views, realizations, and choices.

Libra: You have goals and agendas, but there’s no straight line to them because of interruptions, or because you must flail a little in uncharted waters to reach them, or because you learn from experience what it actually takes to get where you want to go, and more preparation is required. Please see your birthday horoscope for Libra’s year ahead.

Scorpio: News that something is established or “done with”, that you are finished, may lead you to leave a situation or location. You seek higher ground and a more rewarding situation. It’s right to leave the familiar behind.

Sagittarius: You might be working out plans with a partner, but they still result in you using your own strength and creative resources. There’s some idea that requires cooperation and daring. Be confident that up ahead are both interesting lessons and success.

Capricorn: Capricorns often have the strengths and wisdom of “old souls”, which serves them well when they have to stick to their guns. They will gain through either being a change agent and willing to push their original agenda through, or because a powerful institution or company goes through a change that benefits them.

Aquarius: You know you’re good, you know you’re headed for success, you don’t need a horoscope to tell you, the signs are all there! A super successful something is in your midst. If you haven’t received that good news, you will.

Pisces: Money can be tight and a big concern. What are you putting your money into? Make sure it pays to invest. A project you want to start is promising and it really has you thinking creatively and opening up to new possibilities.


Source by Elissa Heyman