Role of Planet Mercury in the Vedic Astrology – Your Intelligence and Communication

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Role of Planet Mercury in the Vedic Astrology – Your Intelligence and Communication


So far, we have discussed the Sun, which represents your father in this life; we have discussed the Moon, which represents your mother in this life; and we have discussed the Mars, which represents your brother in this life. Now we will talk about the planet Mercury which represents your paternal relations i.e. uncle. In the Vedic astrology, Mercury is the son of the Moon. It is the smallest planet among nine planets. It does not have any gender, i.e. neither male nor female. Its color is green, metal is brass, gem is an emerald, and direction is north. It is the only planet with neutral nature. Due to its neutral nature, it changes according to its placement in the particular house and sun sign. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo sun signs.

The Mercury represents intelligence, communication, science, mathematics, business, education and research. It is the planet of writers and great speakers. The Mercury driven people are quick thinker, witty, humorous, and restless in mind. We want to know the answers in this life, and Mercury is interested and curious in all of the answers like a child. The Mercury explores why things work and how they work. There is a very interesting logic behind it; as we know the Moon represent the mind, and because Mercury is its son, it rules the thoughts and intelligence in the mind. Generally it is considered as a beneficial planet unless it is associated with a malefic planet.

Mercury rules over the zodiac sign Gemini and Virgo. In your body, Mercury rules the nerve, abdomen, tongue, lungs, bowels, bile, hair, mouth, and muscular tissues. Nasal disorders, speech problems, brain or nervous disorders, asthma, bronchitis, and headaches are the diseases associated with Mercury.

Following Vedic rituals is recommended in order to minimize the ill effects or increase the good effects of the Mercury:

  • Wear and donate green colour clothes on Wednesdays
  • Worship goddess Parvati with yellow or green flowers.
  • Donate alloy or alloy utensils.
  • Distribute sugar, butter, or grams to needy people.
  • Offer fodders to animals.
  • Once can also distribute the fruits.
  • Emerald is worn to get the maximum benefits from the Mercury.

In Vedic astrology, there is an interesting story associated with the birth of the Mercury. It is said that the Moon was the disciple of the Lord planet Jupiter. He got attracted to the Jupiter’s wife ‘Tara’, and from this relation, Mercury was born. That is why, in the Vedic astrology, Mercury always considers the Moon as his enemy.


Source by Matthew Farnandes