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Ruby Stone – Where and How It Is Found?


Ruby is a precious gemstone and is very popular and significant because of its rich red color. Everyone has heard of or seen it in a famous detective novel or a cartoon show or a thriller film. A favorite since the ancient most documented civilizations, Ruby stone is a prized possession and has been called the ‘King of Gems’. It is known as Manik in Hindi and has a very special place in Vedic Astrology. It represents the planet sun and is the birthstone (rashi ratna) for the sign Leo (Singh). Clear, large pieces of the stone are rarer and sometimes even more expensive than diamonds.

The characteristic Red Color of Ruby is because of the presence of the element ‘Chrome’ along with some other impurities. It is a strange paradox that Chrome is considered an impurity, yet this is what provides Ruby gemstone with its natural color. However, the problem is that chrome causes cracks and fissures within the natural gemstone. The quality of the natural Ruby gemstone is dependent upon the impurities present in the deposit and hence upon the origin of the natural Ruby gemstone.

Where is Ruby Stone found?

It is mined in many areas of the World like Southeast Asia, Middle East, and some parts of Africa and Europe.

The most noted area in South East Asia where it is mined is the Mogok Valley of the Old Burma. This place has been the centre of Ruby mining for centuries. The Mogok tract has provided the world some of its finest rubies and set a standard of classification in the world of gemstones.

Since 1990, Rubies have been extensively mined in Central Burma (Myanmar) area, especially the Mong Hsu area.

Another major supplier of fine quality Rubies is Thailand where it is also known as ‘Siamese Ruby’. Other parts of South East Asia where rubies are found are India, Pakistan and Afghanistan etc. Thailand is responsible for the major production or processing of Rubies. 80% of the rubies worldwide have gone through Thailand at some stage.

In Europe, these have been mined in Macedonia and Greenland. Some parts of Kenya in Africa have also been the suppliers for the gemstone.

Which is the Best Quality Ruby Stone?

It is only obvious that purchasing Ruby stones of higher quality will cost more. The price of Ruby stone is determined by keeping in mind these four factors – Clarity, Color, and Cut, Weight (in carat or ratti).

Complete clarity in Ruby stone is almost close to impossible, since natural ruby stone will always have natural inclusions. But, the greater the clarity, the greater will be the quality.

The most important factor while buying Ruby is its color. The best Rubies are ‘Pigeon’s blood’ colored, which are mainly found in Burmese mines. Burmese Ruby

stone has high clarity, blood red color and can be beautifully cut.

The second best quality comes from Thailand. It has a dark reddish, almost brownish color.

Some parts of Sri Lanka supply pink colored rubies.

Price of Ruby Stone

Price of Ruby in India varies depending upon the quality of the ruby stone and the vendor.

Old Burma Ruby stone price in India (price per carat) is between Rs. 400 and Rs. 1, 50,000. Some custom and rare stones may cost millions of dollars as well.

Indian Ruby price per ratti is between Rs. 300 and 1500.


Source by Apurva Grover