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Vedic Astrology and Yellow Sapphire – Gemstone of Jupiter


Yellow sapphire, also known as Pukhraj in Vedic astrology, is the gemstone of planet Jupiter. Like the color of Jupiter, this gem is also yellow and bright in appearance. Cold and sattvik in nature, it is one of the expensive gems in the market, especially the natural one, and regarded best of the gems. It is worn in the gold ring on the index finger on any Thursdays. However, it needs to be purified from an astrologer before putting on. Colorful, sparkling, and bright, it comes in many colors such as yellow, gold, lemon yellow, and white. Astrologers suggest to wear yellow sapphire as it is extremely great for the enhancement of wealth, health, fame, and name. It also makes you intelligent, religious, and spiritual. It bestows the wearer with the luxuries and pleasures of life. People wear it as their lucky charm. However, one has to wear it only after careful consultation with the astrologer.

Sapphire is processed through a heating process to make more colorful and vibrant. Finding a natural unheated yellow sapphire could be very expensive. Since it is expensive gemstone, those who cannot afford to wear it, can wear yellow topaz which is relatively cheaper and easily available. However, results may vary greatly. Yellow sapphire is a mineral and belongs to the gemstone family of corundum, a chemical compound of aluminium, hydrovisil and florin. Color in sapphire is due to the presence of iron. It is found in Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, East Africa, and USA. In India, Kashmir sapphires are very famous.

It is believed to work wonders for girls who are not getting married or finding matches. Since Jupiter is the planet of the husband in the female natal chart, wearing yellow sapphire helps. It also helps those suffering from weight gain, fever, diabetes, cholera, throat complications, abdominal issues, jaundice and kidney disease.

One should wear transparent and sparkling sapphire to get the maximum benefit. Buy it from a certified dealer in order to avoid any confusion. Beware to purchase a yellow sapphire with dullness, crack inside, milky appearance, and asymmetrical shape. A defective yellow sapphire can cause great trouble to the wearer.

You can try some hands on tests like placing the yellow sapphire on a white cloth and expose it to sunlight, it should give a yellow hue to the spot where the light is reflected, or keep it in the milk for twenty-four hours, it should not change the color. However, please be informed that these are just preliminary tests and real test can be performed only in the laboratory.


Source by Matthew Farnandes