Yellow Sapphire: Guru Ratna and Beyond That

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Yellow Sapphire: Guru Ratna and Beyond That


Significant Aspects

The Himalayas in India, Russia, and Sri Lanka are the source of this stone. It is found in mines. It is also found in white color (which is called as White Sapphire). However, astrology only recognizes the yellow form as the Gururatna.

Enhancing Jupiter Impact

The astrological planet of Jupiter (or Guru or Brihaspati) besides being significantly influential in astrology definitions, is equally momentous in its physical form by being the largest and heaviest of all the planets. It holds sky elements within it. It is believed to be the spiritual teacher of all Lords as well as the leading torch of all planets. The wisdom and learning which one earns in life is believed to prominently rely upon the way with which Jupiter is placed in one’s horoscope. Its influence is precisely reflective in the arts, creativity, intrinsic skills, moral conduct, philosophy, attitude towards different things, religious and spiritual inclination, discretion, and wisdom of Vedas and other sacred learning, which one possesses. The career path which one selects and the success which one attains in it are also determined by Jupiter.

This clearly defines its essence. It is very often that we came across with people who are way too less intellectual. No matter how hard they strive for knowledge, they only end up on the opposite side of it. In astrology beliefs, a weak or malefic Jupiter is found to be the very common cause of it. In such cases, Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj is an effective astrological solution. Wearing it strengthens the impact of Jupiter on one’s life, and eradicates all ill-effects as heaved out of it.

Other Benefits

This stone is believed to enhance one’s financial status and confers life security by drawing in immense wealth and prosperity. Those who have been in deficient of money and materialistic pleasures can experience a change in their luck with this stone. It also turns luck in one’s favor in all other dimensions. With this stone, one gains repute and prominence, which keeps on constantly escalating towards up. It confers one with sharp sightedness and persistence enough to control aggression. Having it also protects one from accidental death.

Other than that, it is recommended to all young women who have arrived to a marriageable age, as doing so ensures that they get married on time. If worn by any married person, it ensures blissful and harmonious marital life. Also, entire family lives in harmony, and other different relationships with different people flourish with this stone in possession.

Writers, barristers, businessmen, traders, and intellectuals working in any field or industry must have this stone. It is also beneficial to those who hold fears of ghosts, genii, or negative energies.

Healing Properties

Astrologers highly recommend this stone to people who either are suffering from or are on the verge of suffering from health ailments such as arthritis, diarrhea, gastric ulcer, impotency, jaundice, rheumatism, and heart and kidney related problems. Also, if worn otherwise, it ensures that one never falls to any of these diseases. It is equally effective for eradicating minor problems of mouth’s foul smell and frequent cough.

Wearing It

It should be worn on the day of Thursday in the early morning hours, only after getting pure through body, mind, and soul. One can wear it either in the form of a locket or ring. If worn as a ring, it should be adorned in the index finger of the right hand. However, it should be capped in gold only. While doing this process, one should make sure to get comfortably seated in north facing direction in a place which is peaceful and clean. The process of wearing it commences with its bath in un-boiled milk. It is followed with the worship process, which involves lighting of incense stick(s) and oil lamps, offering of fresh flowers and fruits, and meditation and worship of Lord Vishnu or Jupiter.

After wearing it, make sure to keep it unadulterated as well as physically safe. Any sort of damage will make it futile or even deleterious in itself.


Source by Sanjeev Kumaaar